Illuminati The Game v0.3.6

In this game you’ll get the opportunity to sneak glimpse behind the curtain of the most powerful and reachest households on earth who form up a society that ywe know as”Illuminati” to direct the development of the whole humanity on the planet. Just don’t leave behind that this is only a game and created completely for joy and not to proove that any kind of such scieties even exist. You will be playing as a youthful guy who will soon discover that simply becoming the sonnie of prosperous family does not cause you to that the righteous associate of Illuminaty society… but it definitely gives you a great deal of chances to proove being worthy for entering it and some opportunities on reaching more and more powerful positions inside. Money, romp, power, corruption – the instruments that work the best to form the destiny of mankind! Play now »


Visual novel with combat scenes and hump scenes as reward to your winning – that is exactly what”Sexana” is about. And if this isn’t sufficient to get you interested then you should be aware that this game is happening in dream setting which means that conflicts here are going to be more epic while orgy will be magic… well, more or less. The main objective of teh game is to entice Exie – the possessor of armor and weapon shop. You may do that? By bringing the awesome trophies from the battlefiled ofcourse! Therare they will be the more bang-out scenes you will unlock. But will you be able to unlock all of them? You won’t ever understand until you try! Also don’t forget to check our site for much more erotic fantasy games and even few new games from the planet of”Sexana” too! Play now »

Tap2Fuck – Aura

A elementary manga porn minigame for all fans of hentai and fantasy settings. Aura is the title of main heroine. She belongs to the early race of Darke Elves and has been thru a lot of experiences and will accomplish even greater accomplishments in the future… but for now the only thing she needs is a great fucking and this is precisely what she’s expecting from the player. To make herself even more attractive she will let you to change her outfits before you may pick the one (or simply try them all one by one) which is likely to cause you to need to tap like never before. The gameplay is not endless in this one so it is fairly possible to perform a cum-shot or two all over this eared slut. For more games of thise genre don’t leave behind to check our website! Play now »

Price for Freedom: Avarice [0.2]

“Cost for Freedom” is a game filled with all kinds of arousing (yep, for instance, sexual awakening ) experiences which is created in genre of top notch rpg. If you always enjoyed such game series as”Baldur’s Gate” or early”Final Fantasy” then you’re most likely planning to love their adult successor. Here you will do a great deal of explorations so it’s possible to expect some quantity of texts you’ll have to read. Ofcourse there are going to be battles that you will have to win and CG animated scenes which you are going to enjoy. By the way there’s a web comics series with the identical name that tells exactly the same regions and setting but not about those particular group of characters if you loved this game also want to find more information regarding its lore you definitely should check the comic book collection also! Play now »

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