Autopsy Ward – Another Victim That Day

This really is an interesting flash game for ex, who adore violence, blood and torture. So there's a cult of those who buys a great deal of money out of their homeless daughters. They then get into the laboratory in which a crazy maniac begins his monstrous experiments. Of course, a number of the experiments lead to their victim's death. However, the professor does not stop, and he continues his unusual work. Examine the game screen. You will notice a gal. Use the mouse. First you need to do a vaginal test. For this, the doctor will use a thick probe with a flick camera. Then he begins to examine the doll's butt and uses a sadism & masochism apparatus. The damsel screams in ache, but she is unable to prevent the evil maniac. Would you need to know what other torment did the maniac invent? Let's begin the game right now.

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