blue skin

Alien Sextorigon

Game takes place in quite remote future when humankind hasn't only meet the alien races out of othe rplanets but even got enough ability one of them to participate in a galactic lump conference. However, most of thes epolitics is only a backdrop for the story of a low position space officer that meets nont besides Sextrigon Ambassador. It's not easy to say for how long he has passion for blue skinned women two times of the size but it seems that he got some romantic feelings for her. But are they mutual? There's just one way to learn for sure! Game is created as a set of interactive hentai scenes in which you have to carry out simple actions, use available alternatives and so forth. Nothing hard at it all and it won't take too much of your time but if you're into intergalactic species orgy then you gon nana love it a whole lot!

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