This game is a manga porn parody for many fans of"Wakfu" animations. Or for many fans elven girls. Or for many admirers of girl-on-girl fantasy. Or... may be you will watch it ? The narrative for this one is fairly simple - just two girls (that you will lightly recognize them if you observed original series) has fight. So now they will need to return to their friendly relationship ... and looks like lezzy treatment will do the job just nice to achive it! You will enjoy the set of colorful and nicely animated hentai scenes of these two girl pleasing each other by performing a lot of girl-girl things (such as rubbin' and finger-tickling poons - and that is not all!) . Simply use arrow buttons in the ideal bottom of the display when you determine it's time to get to teh next scene. Not much of a gameplay but this game is obviouly has lezzy pardoy because its primary goal!

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