Shift 2048

Your job is to reach value - 2048. Whenever there are two equivalent cells side by side to unite them you have to click on cells. The game will shift rows and columns automatically. Attempt combine them immediately. Meanwhile love cool video featuring hot blond.

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Drop the Ball

Do you like hentai games in which you can not just love sexy pictures but also keep your mind sharp? You should try out this game should you then! This is mystery kind of game where you'll have to use your logical skills. Before beginning please check rules. Do not forget you could kick out balls from playing field just by employing other balls (if you simply trow the ball out of the field you'll loose the round). Click on move and then teh ball mouse in to appropriate direction. Each solved around will show you hot busty anime chick as reward... and deliver you next degree which will be mor edifficult to solve beacsue it will have more balls inside. And remember - you have limited time to fix the mystery (in case if you done the wrong move you'll be able to reverse it by hittingbutton in the top left corner).

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