Mortal kombat

Mortal Cum Butt

Are you prepared to becaome the defender of most mortal guys and women ina greatest tournament of Mortal Kombat? When Sonya Blade was requested question she said yes sans any hesitations. But looks like she heard one of the words wrong - in this game"kombat" lightly turns out to"jizz ass"! And this brings one fresh fataity to the struggle that's known as"sexuality"! The main gameplay begins after Sonya has already lost her struggle and he can't wait to perform sexuality on her. And you are likely to assist him doing this titillating procedure step by step in a string of plain minigames. Every time the pleasure bar reaches certain degree fresh sexual actions become available - from rubbing and sucking on Kano's wood to... and to everything you are going to need to discover yourself by completing the game!

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