How good are you at handling ball sack? Not all those nut - another nut! Well, the scrotum that are utilised to play arcanoid matches balls! Well, the game is actuall an arcanoid - only for breaking up the bricks you will be rewarded with picture of hot and ultra-kinky red-haired playing with big faux-cock. The foundation is controlled by the mouse - only don't let th eball to fall down and return it into brick smashing business. There'll be three levels of difficulty. As the game will go you'll get some bonuses (such as making your nutsack larger - that is good only in the sport similar to that you tho!) . Smash all of the bricks to reach the next level - that you will acquire new sexy image together with dildo-using cutie to unlock! But don't forget that you have limited quantity of nut sack (five of them!)

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