Superman emerged in a remote city and started to help the locals. He patrols the town and grabs criminals. Additionally, it saves dogs and cats. But universal wicked does not sleep. A strange thing was seen in Earth orbit. From it come strange signs. Superman checks the frequency of the radio flaps also realizes this can be a signal for help. His girlfriend Supergirl had been trouble. She had been captured with this ship and toughly fucked in the bum. Supaerman must save her out of bullying. So the first assignment would be to get into the submerged ship. Because of this, Superman should fly through an asteroid field. Use the arrow buttons to budge around the screen. In the event the asteroid strikes Superman then he will lose 1 life. As soon as it is possible to fly through the asteroid field, you'll get on the boat... Find out the continuation of the story at this time.

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