Corrupting Kayleigh v104

"Corrupting Kayleigh" (updated to 1.04 version at the present time) is obviously an erotic game about ultra-cute looking damsel named Kayleigh who'll become increasingly more trampy as the story will progress. The events commences at the soiree where some rich dude determined to proove that sufficient money can switch people's behavior so he offered some hot chicks to make something alluring and to get paid for it. And even if at very first this has been a partial striptease afterwards this whole idea has revved into hump orgy! Ofcourse you will have the ability to affect the story by making decisions in the critical points of this (which defines the genre of this game as visual book) but no matter what you will do you won't run away fucky-fucky scenes tonight! And if it's unavoidable then have your fun with it.

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