Fuck Town: Christmas Shopping

In Fucktown fuck-a-thon happens all of the time but on Christmas it gets a tiny bit of magic sence right into it. Wish attempt this chiron magic yourself? Then hit the start button already! The story begins on a day before Xmas. Our hero goes searching – he needs to get a bounty for his cousin. At the toy shop he matches quite cute assistant who’s always ready to assist with picking gifts. She recommends a railroad street. On the next day you know that you have any opportunity to… play with the railroad road yourself! But first you’ll have to put all of the pieces of the road into one huge loop by solving a puzzle minigame. How playing fucktoy railroad street will get you nearer into the shop girl you have purchased and more importantly – the way it can help you to get into her panties? To know that you will need to play this game!

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