Meet and fuck first date

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Steven is an employee of a local oil company returned home later that night and accessed a dating website on his computer. He came across a profile of a girl called Melissa. Steven found her interesting and scheduled her for an appointment at an Internet cafe. Steven visits the Internet cafe on the following day to meet a gorgeous brunette-haired woman sporting big boobs. It’s Melissa. You must help her meet Melissa and then have a wild sexual sex with her. This means you need to have the right conversation in the beginning. Pick the right conversation and Melissa will be more loyal to Steven. Then she will give you a glimpse of her large watermelon and Stephen will take a few pictures on his phone. At night, Stephen invites Melissa to his house. Melissa undresses and then gives Steven a deep blow job. Afterwards, Steven fucks Melissa in her tight cunt. Let’s start and see what happens the next time.

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