Meet’N’Fuck Detective RPG

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In this flash game you will play the role of a detective agent. Thus, you arrived at the customer. He resides in a lavish mansion. Certainly a damn wealthy stepson of a bitch. Thus you start talking. Turns out the customer had an affair 22 years ago with a young female. And she claims to have a daughter-in-law. The client is ready to pay a great deal of cash for you to find out the information. You proceed to turn it in. So to be able to do missions successfully, you need to find evidence, shed people and get to know the lady. Now she’s about 45 years old, and she is one hell of a sexy woman. And her daughter-in-law all the more so. You’ll be provided the chance to have romp with the lady and her mummy. To do this, you must act wisely. Use charisma or blackmail to perform it. There are many intriguing stories in the game you need to learn on your own.

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