Naruto fucks Sakura

Naruto wanst to fuck and there is no nicer candidate to help him with that than chesty Sakura! Especially if she’s performing not because she is a few whorish whore (well, might be just a tiny bit) but also to assist her friend with all chakra training. Yet it’s still true that you can see ehr as a whorey whore. Therefore no matte rthe motive sthey will fuck and you are supposed to witness… and play with it! The gameplay part is simple tho – all you nee to do is to use the scale in the bottom part of game screen to control the speed with which these two will be fucking. You need to find a decent position so the pleasure club could be cramming up constantly and if it will get to the max you will get bonus cum-shot scene as reward. And if this type of gameplay will still seem tricky for you you can visit our site and try another manga porn parodies about Narutop fucking with his buddies.

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