Pussymon: Episode 23

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Are you prepared to grab more alluring pussymons? Then pack up all your fantasy stuff and get ready for Episode 23: A Brand New quest! Not to spoil much of a narrative all you need to understand is that with care you and your friends inject town. You will try to prevent to getnoticed from the guards. Your group may budge silently and leisurely till reach the entrance of the Fluffy Casstle… Intriguing? To know what is going to happen next you will have to play the game ! In terms of the gameplay it still has all of the basic elements you know and appreciate. Explore places, meet fresh characters and old friends, gain pursuit and dive into experiences – and all of it to capture more of fresh sexy pussymons! Appreciate fresh artworks and cartoons and don’t leave behind to check former gigs if haven’t yet!

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