Sol-R Girls Part 1

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This is going to be fun game for all who likes sexy furries more than hardcore gameplay - just pick one of the four differnet unshaved nymphs, undress her and have hook-up with her! Girls here are drawn in the manner that will certainly remind of"Sonic X" animation series. Each lady will have her own bio and stats but barely this will make you to choose only one of them - soone ror late ryou will want to play them with all! Once the choice is done you will find an introduction story (which you can skip ofcourse) after which you can eventually undress this lady. To do that click on her clothes to make it disappear lump by chunk. Then you will get to the menu where you can choose how exactly you want to fuck this unshaved bombshell - from front or behind, rectal or vaginal. And ofcourse besides of few strength levels each position will include cum-shot option!