“Double curricular” is a continious set of visual books about the pupil and lots of issues he (well, after you’re going to start playing it’ll be you) will have to face apart from the typical faculty things. But regardless of what will occur – and there are going to happen a whole great deal of items – you will always find the support and joy in relations with two sexy ginger-haired chicks with whome you happened to reside under the identical roof. Ofcourse you are free-for-all to build either favorable or romantic relations with any of these or you could focuse on many different characters that will connect you in this journey – just like any other great visual novel here you’ll be receiving the chocie in the essential points of this narrative so as to build your own venture. And don’t forget about indeed great looking CG artworks! Play now »

Double Home Work Episode 17

Things are escalating quickly after figuring out who is responcible for your expulsion from the old college and what exactly plans this person has on you and your close friends you don’t have any time left for any jealousy – you’ll have to act immediately and even the simple fact that there will be some cracking in involved should not stop you! However, in order for this ordeal assignment ended up with success you may use some assistance from a individual with certain sets of skills so choose your upcoming ally carefully because with a wrong partner in misdeed would be the last thing you want during this situation. And ofcourse if it’s some danger involved your charms will work even more powerful so keep an eye for some intimate opportunites one of the other matters! Play now »

In bed with Emma

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