Fighting of Ecstasy part 2

The game is back and you are the putty-clay battling thing this time! You will face the hot, sexy, hot girl from a popular videogame. Kasumi from Dead or Alive is your foe. While this ninja princess may be skilled in a variety of dangerous moves, she is still female. If you hit the right places and you are able to get her to forget all of her training and replace it with a lust for sex. Well, this is actually the goal of the game so you’ll be doing that anyways. Just make sure you pick the right moves at the appropriate times and Kasumi will soon become an incredibly thirsty fighter. Once this happens then you are able to claim your prize and go to work inflicting a beating on Kasumi! Play now »


Let’s unwind a bit and play an amazing online game. This could be an exceptionally engaging action video game developed within the well-liked metroidvania genre. You’ll play as the cute sucuba neko character who is able to jump, run and jump around in a lavish technical. The woman you control will be the most adorable sucuba neko lady who will run, jump, and run everywhere you’d like to. There are also hentai scenes to provide some peace and tranquility. However, as we all tend to do, it’s not overwhelming to be tempted to. It’s time to embark to adventures in real time. Play now »