Lara Croft Punishment

Northern mexico. Javan Rikal Temple. Although Lara Croft enjoys a sacred artifact but doesn’t figure out how to conceal in a helicopter. Lara Croft is caught by the warrior and attracts it. Lara Croft has to be disciplined. She’s tied to a immense stone disc and her clothes are ripped out of Lara. Lara Croft is downright nude. You’ve got the honor of tormenting the appetizing Lara. So use interactive contraptions. To interact with the game use the mouse. Hands it’s possible to squeeze the large watermelons of Lara Croft. If you take the lash you will whip Lara on her bod leaving bleeding traces. Or you may embark fucking Lara Croft in her pink cunt. What will you choose? Would you penalize buxomy Lara Croft how she is worth? Let us begin the game and find out. Play now »