Strip hangman

An interesting game of thinking and logic. The rules of the game are very ordinary – Guess the encrypted word to undress the big-chested dame. That is a basic mission in this game. So that the letters emerge on the screen. Below is a word that is encrypted. You also find an interactive computer keyboard. You have to click tothe letters. If you suspect the letter, it will show up in this term. This offers a good idea about what it may be to you. When there’s absolutely not any letter the head commences to emerge on the screen. Subsequently the bod, gams and arms. Until the tiny guy is hanged you have to guess the term. Attempt to use the algorithm to understand that phrase that the game has encoded. You’ll observe a few photos that are depraved if you succeed. Do it. Play now »

Strip hangman 2

Very interesting and joy hump flash game where you’ll have to guess the encrypted word to get the reward. So look at the game display. Then select the female you like. The game begins. So you find the letters. Just click the mouse to any letter and if it is in the encoded word, then the letter will show up on the screen. If you are not koibukvy, the girl will start to attract the small guy. The mind, then the pecs of the arms and gams. You have to guess that the encrypted term before the small man will be downright drawn. Should you do so you receive a hump prize. If you didn’t guess the encoded word and the individual recovered himself, then this game is finished. Are you ready to combat this game? Then begin playing right now. Play now »