Holio – U – 5

What do you consider blondes out of Eastern Europe? Because one of them has moved into the room sixty nine in the Holio Dorm! Therefore, in case you enjoy them then stop wasting your own time and knock into her door did! And once you perform the normal pickup gameplay will start. As usuall you will have to find a proper phrases to make female’s interest in you getting taller and for that it will be very important to remember where she has come from and what her interests might be. In case if your pickup skills will likely be good enough she’ll invite you into her room where you will play yet another minigame (typically it is some thing quest-like) which will specify how many orgy you’ll get from this fresh gf so pay attention to everything that’s happening or being told so that you could find the most reward. Play now »

Holio – U – 11

There’s new damsel has transferred in the area sixty-nine in Holio University dorm and if you do not mind on getting a day using sandy-haired canadian chick (or in case you do not care exactly what chick to fuck if she is sexy looking promiscuous enough) then knock in that door until someone else did it. You have knocked already? Great! Now lets test your basic pickup abilities – just choose one of phrase remebering that is available dialog that this nymph is form Canada and that she is most likely loves hockey a little bit more than any other chick around. You did good at this and she ha slet you in to her room? You are about the halfway on becoming into he rpanties now and the one thing you left to do is to conclude a elementary quest-like minigame that will allow you to learn more about her sexual pursuits… Play now »