Amazon Island

This game will tell the story of a Professor who went to an expedition to a mysterious island to you. There is a lot of things on this particular island, along with the Professor moves to the center of the island out of the shore. He determined to rest. Suddenly, by the bushes, someone stuns the Professor, and he loses consciousness. After the sailor opens his eyeshe sees that he’s encircled by a tribe of saucy Amazons. They’re all fully nude. Their Amazon Queen, a beautiful and big-chested female using bronze skin, offers to kill the man, but as soon as the Amazons began to undress him, the Queen changed her mind. Because a person gets a thick and large penis. It will help the Amazons satiate their passion. They’ll fuck this man over and over and give birth to new Amazons. Or perhaps the Professor? So let’s not waste time and commence the adventure right now. Play now »