Juliet Lollipopped

This is one of Juliet Starling’s life epiosedes that she is not pleased with. Why? Since she’s supposed to be a intrepid stunt slayer (along with cheerleader ofocurse) yet this time onlytwo dumb football players zombies somehow managed to corner her up. But they turned out to be a fresh sort of zombies that Juliet has never fulfill before – instead of eating her brains they awakened to fuck her brains out! The game was created as a set of nicely drawn and animted loop scenes where zombie dudes fuck Juliet in her mouth and vulva in exactly the exact identical time. You’re able to switch between the scenes by clicking on the numbers at the bottom portion of game screen. After some time youw ill also get access to additional act buttons that will activate special scenes with jizz flows! Play now »