League of Pleasures

Even tho’ this manga porn parody is dedicated to three of their most well-known and sexy female characters from the favored videogame”League of Legends” you are more likely to love it no matter how large a fan of this game you actually are. After the short introduction you may understand that another one ugly monster in the deep has several wicked plans in his mind and to keep them from getting real you’ll need to strike him… in a memory game! But since this stud is one perverted creature that the memory game will include sexual moves that you’ll need to remember and repeat at the exact identical order with one of 3 champions – Lux, Nidalee or even Miss Fortune! Notice that some of them are going to be unlocked only after you will triumph with different characters commencing with Lux. Play now »

League of Legends XXX

This is quite colorfull hentai parody game over very popular videogame”League of legends” but don’t worry – you still can play with it and enjoy the two gameplay and fuckfest scenes even if you haven’t ever played the original game before (nevertheless ofcourse there will be some recognizable characters that undoubtedly bring some extra fun to fan). At the start of the game you can choose one of three female champions who will fight against some creepy. The champions will be such popular characters as Lux, Nidalee and Miss Fortune but during your first walkthrough there will be avaialble Lux while other will be unlocked afterward. As for the gameplay it’s predicated on memory game only here you will try to memorize not the orde rof colored buttons but the order of which way your champion is getting fucked! Play now »