Sex Lesson

In this game you ar egoing to play as ordinary guy named Tom. And even tho he is a principal hero of an erotic game he seems not so sure on what he has to do when staying one on one with woman in the bedroom. So he could certainly use some help in learning more about such things from someone experienced enough. As an example, from sexy brown-haired Natalie who happened to be a pro whore. Now as soon as the student and professor are both ready let this wonderfull lesson to begin! Throughout the game you will be interacting with Natalie thru minigame romp scenes. Usually she will be assisting you with a few ideas and hints so just listen for her advices and you will progress thru the game and most likely get an A! More games about dating and seduction you can find on our website so don’t forget to check it after you willlearn this lesson. Play now »