Max the Elf v2.2

Action packed arcade which combines challenging gameplay with amazing artstyle and ultra-cute appearing chracaters with exciting manga porn tasting moments. Main events of the story will happen in the fantasy world of magic and elves yet as you may notice there will be a good deal of moments making this planet similar to ours in the exact same time. The major character is an elf named Max who is planning to significantly increase her magic abilities and therefore she is not only goes to the craft of magic school but even follows another elf named Vick into the limited field of the historical library so as to get key knowledges. Obviously this adventure just had to go wrong at some stage and it did – now Max is enchanted by the succubus and also being hunted for violating rules! Play now »

Fighting of Ecstasy part 2

The game is back and you are the putty-clay battling thing this time! You will face the hot, sexy, hot girl from a popular videogame. Kasumi from Dead or Alive is your foe. While this ninja princess may be skilled in a variety of dangerous moves, she is still female. If you hit the right places and you are able to get her to forget all of her training and replace it with a lust for sex. Well, this is actually the goal of the game so you’ll be doing that anyways. Just make sure you pick the right moves at the appropriate times and Kasumi will soon become an incredibly thirsty fighter. Once this happens then you are able to claim your prize and go to work inflicting a beating on Kasumi! Play now »

Samus the Tentacle Trap

Spaceship in orbit. Busty blond Samus Aran finished maintenance of this missile guidance module and determined to rest. The bell rings. Strange goes requests Samus Aran to comeback to the captain’s bridge. Something is wrong here. Samus Aran puts on a combat suit and head to the bridge. At level five, unusual monsters attack Samus Aran from the darkness. These are aliens who entered the boat and captured the crew. Samus Aran should try to run away. So your job is to grab Samus Aran and tear off her battle suit. Use tentacles for it. A duo of tentacles will attack Samus Aran, and among those tentacles will shield against her strikes. If you can rip off her battle match from Samus Aranyou get the chance to have intercourse with the gal. Are you prepared to get it done?! Play now »

Yuna tentacles rape

JRPG devotees one of you without any doubt have recognized who this female is Yuna from”Closing fanatsy X”! Yet the situation that you will discover her at when you begin playing with this game is something which you scarcely have seen previously – somehow Yuna ended up being recorded by the plenty of of tentacles which seem to belong to some hidden yet very perverted monster… and which is managed by the player obviously! Thus from now on it’ll be your responsibility to learn more about the sexual areas of Yuna’s character by teasing her, touching her, undressing down her and ofcourse by fucking her in several unique ways. Even however the language of this game is japanese it isn’t focused on any story and the gameplay is more intuitive so you may undesrtand how this works even in the event you don’t understand it. Play now »