Ghost bang

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This really is a story about a phantom who’s wondering on the empty streets of the city he was indeed luving when he was alive. But even a ghost could have some fun when he will get in the bar and find chick dumb enough to enter bathroom without her girlfriends firm… There won’t be much of a story though (you alreday got the main portion of it from this debut) and the major portion of teh game will be just shoiwng you in what places a ghost can fuck whorey chick in the toilet room of some cheap nigth club. Oral hookup, vaginal hook-up, assfuck lovemaking, doggie style and ofcourse ectoplasmic popshots – enjoy all these scenes and rewatch them as often as you want in just one click! And don’t forget to visit our site fo rmore games like this one here or for more oriented gameplay also!

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