Rivalries – Part Two

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The rivalry inbetween three very hot and very sexy femmes will proceed in”Rivalries – Part 2″. As it’s obvious from the name it’s the direct continuation of the very first portion of the story and you even will have to enter the code which you’re able to get at the end of part one so as to commence playing component two (but in case if you have played it but left behind that the code you might attempt this one 23432344 while playing with the very first game is still recommended). Another important thing that you will need to knwo before you may begin slamming three bombshells attempting to decide which one of these you like better is the term”palace” that you should only type in whenever you perceive stucked as a way to get a hint on which you will need to do following in this gig (however it will not be working in every one of them).

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