Rei Tachibana: Hentai F-series

If Rei Tachibana’s knowledges are as large as the size of her baps then she’s most likely a genuis! Butwe won’t be testing her intellect tho because for F-series anime porn games only the sexy look and abilities matter. In terms of the alluring looks you can chosoe from five different outfits for Rei Tachibana to wear – there will be casual clothes, school unifrom, long asian dres and even bathing suit swimsuit. Pick any of them and after that click on blue arrow buttons on the sides of game screen to make Rei Tachibana to undress down and to have some sexy funtime with you! By the way animation of each scene is not only well made but also unique for each clothing so if you plan to check all of Rei Tachibana abilities you will have to try all apparels! Play now »