Lucky Patient

The very first part of an interactive 3D flash game in which you will learn how to pass a medical examination in a health and beauty clinic. Thus, a mid century dude came to the polyclinic for a medical examination. You enter the examination area and visit with a yummy young nurse. The gal has elastic tits. It would be to see these nude… The door opens and the doc comes in the room. Oh, gods. This is a woman with a taut butt and big tits. The doctor suggests that you take off your clothes so that she can embark the examination. You undress and notice that a surprise has appeared at the eyes of the damsels. They look in your thick and big beef whistle. They definitely need to attempt it. Therefore that the game begins and the dude starts fucking the doll. Pick who to fuck very first – the medic or the nurse? And then kiss their pink holes until they reach orgasm. Use your mouse to interact with the game. Start doing it. Play now »