ELEANOR: loving wife or dirty slut

Meet Eleanor. She is one sexy beautiful lade, she has nice palace and hubby. But it seems they have some tentions in their private life. That is when game starts. Your purpose will be to create Eleanor to do whatever she wants to do to get back sexual attention away from her husband. However, if her husband doesn’t wish to spend some quality time together with his wifey then there are a lot of other males who gladly will. Like her occupation master at the office who would like to see his helper as sexy as possible for beginning… And it is your choice to decide where this scenary line goes: turn down him or her please him to find a marketing one day. What of the can switch Eleanor’s life to get finer? Will she become dirty whore or loving wifey? It is actually up to you to decide within this awesome 3D orgy game! Play now »