As per the name of the game, you won’t need to waste any time on datings or pickup minigames and pretty much everyhting that you need to do for the bed-playing stage is pick one of three characters that you are willing to do that with! They are furries, with two males and one femaleso as you would expect, the game will be classified as yaoi genre as well. The idea behind the game is that sexy furry that you have chosen will be waiting for you in the bed, and what you will be doing tonight is up to you – select and utilize different tools and toys, engage your partner in a game of tease, make him or her hrony by touching the most sensitive parts of his or hers body and other things! Every action is designed to have a specific effect and the sooner you will be able to comprehend how it works, the more likely you’ll get to the point of smooching! Play now »