My Brothel [v 0.10]

The youthfull dude received a letter . It ends up they bequeathed a smallish but interesting building in the suburbs of Phoenix. Dude goes on there. There Bernadette is seen by him. This is the assistant. The youthfull gal who is currently watching the area. So your job is to repair the building. Bernadet hints that there used to be a brothel in the building. Well, that is a good thought. So let’s commence the repair. Repair the room. You can add a escort there. But where to locate her? Head to the town club. There you can meet with a priest and suggest her a job. You can now fuck a hooker in a brothel. Furthermore, she’ll fuck with customers and deliver you currency. Use them to fix other rooms and improve your intimate brothel. It’s time. Play now »