Meet’N’Fuck: Magic Book

A high school nerd called Sherman enjoys computers and studying history. Kimberly is his partner. Kimberly is a slender and busty girl who always wears a miniskirt, so that her buttocks are visible to all. But Kimberly is currently dating Jeff. Jeff is the local scandal. Sherman is forced to do his homework, and then he is a thief who robs him of food money. One day Sherman finds himself on the floor and crying. The door to the room of the janitor opens, and a hand emerges from there and invites Sherman to come inside. Sharma is able to enter the room only to meet an odd, elderly man. Sherman is handed an item by the man and he disappears into thine personal world. The cover reads “The Magic Book.” There are recipes in the pagesof the book and, now Sherman pulls out a weapon to take on Jeff. And besides, seduce and fuck the busty Kimberly. Play now »