Hide & Seek (chip & deil)

This variation of”hide and seek” game isn’t just a parody over famous”Chip and Dale – Rescue Rangers” animation show – that can be hentai parody! So if you always thought that Gadget is one sexy unshaved which you would undoubtedly fuck if you were Dale for example this game is probably the only way to make your fantasies more real! You may see that Gadget nude but she seems to be in avery playfull mood today so you will have to attempt and catch her in order to put Dale’s boner in her mouth. She will be randomly jumpinging out of one of many slots in the ground until she’ll hide 33, and you will have to be fast and precise to click her. If you do then Dale will get his dinky sucked but to move to the next level you will have to reach certain results first. Play now »