The Jungle Call Part 2

The adventures of cute blonde chick one of the tribe of Omoro will continue in”Jungle Telephone – component two” that is obviously available for you to play here and today. By this part of the story you will know more about the traditions of the tribe and how well our sexy heroine will go with some of them. By way of example, such tradition for the head of the tribe which allow shim to fuckany woman that he wishes to (appear, our pleasant blonde damsel, we all know where that is happening) . However there ought to be a marriage inbetween tem which probably end up in a fat orgy… The gameplay is close to pursuit system yet it is recommended to read”how to play” tutorial so you ought to know what deeds are available fo rteh player. Also it is wise to look at the very first portion of the story if you haven’t completed it yet. Play now »