Abduction 4 – Amanda – 3rd Day

A youthfull doll named Amanda has been kidnapped for the 3rd afternoon of torture and abasement. First, examine the game display. Then choose one of six vibrantsex scenes. You may observe how the manager harshly fucks Amanda in her wet mouth and doesn’t allow her to breathe. Tears fall to the ground and Amanda gasps. But this is simply the start of the torment. The rapist picks a massager and fucks Amanda within her taut chocolate eye. Amanda yells in pain, however that only dodges the torture of the rapist. He fucks Amanda from the bum together with his knuckle and Amanda loses awareness. Revved up, Amanda is subjected to continuing torment. The rapist ferociously fucks Amanda in her pink cunt and squeezes her fleshy watermelons with pink nips. The violence resumes across the night and by dawn Amanda is hardly alive. Do you want to understand the sequel? Then let’s commence the game. Play now »