Pimps quest

While the lifestyle of a pimp could appear like a good time for any person, it’s very tiring and dangerous because there are always dangers around every corner. As you probably guessed, the primary goal when you choose to participate in the game of becoming a street pimp is to stay clear of the potential dangers you could be in. And while quick thinking is good , it is not enough without swift action when it comes to avoiding the bulletsliterally! Are you ready to test your brain and your reaction? You are now ready to play! You never know when one of your useful items will turn into a life-saver! Play now »

Snap shot

“Snap shot” is still eortic game where you are able to try yourself as photogaprher but don’t worry – you won;t even need to acquire any speciall skills… however, you’ll definitley could use a fantastic eye and hasty response if you’re planning to triumph! The idea is simple – there will be three doors in front of you which will be opening in order. Behind every one of these there is going to be a woman and until the doors will be shut 34, you have to be quick to shoot a photo of her. But that’s not all – maybe not every photo will bring you things but only those in which you are able to grab the model posing nude! In all other cases you will be loosing some points and you definitely don’t want that because only getting a certain amount of points will let you find out models and to get to the next level! Play now »