Demon Lord

This is an amazing story which has happened with two beautiful nekogirls that tried to take the protal to Hell to locate and fight a powerful demon. We’ve seen before that this demon is extremely strong, so what chance do two cute nekogirls have against him? Yes, there is there are none. The nekogirl was able to escape, however one was captured and is currently in prison. The nekogirl is being used as a sexslave and you’ll be playing the demon. You must prepare the nekogirl to become a perfect sexslave day to day with discipline as well as work and sextoys. Play now »

Spider Slut

The Green Knob Gobbler The Spider Slut The Spider Slut? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to look at the super-heroic costumes of these super-powered individuals and enjoy playing with them. Even if you’ve not been a huge avid fan of Marvel Comics you are still going to like this game, which provides players with a wealth of hentai content as well as quite humorous scenes. Visit our website for additional superheroic hentai hentai! Play now »

Sexy Magic 3

That is a third (complete there are five of these at the present time) chapter of an venture games with storng elements of point-and-click quests and sensual themes. Once again you are enjoying as youthfull mage who is undoubtedly lacks wisdom and owing to that constantly enter unusual and dangerous situations nevertheless magical abilites and comedy are constantly helping them not just to get out of these in 1 pice but also to have a hot chick in the end! Ofcoruse with solving puzzles ofcourse, in case he will be helped by the player. For instance in this chapter you will have to solve puzzles to be able to find the way into the mansion of some evil monster who has captured sexy appearing fairy (who may remind you of these popular personality since Tinkerbell a little bit) and to rescue her. Play now »

Katies diaries Ep. 3

Third chapter of”Katie’s diaries” will keep you in contact with what’s occuring inside this busty redhead Katie’s personal life with the opportunity for seening a few indeed exciting moments on your own eyes. So in the event you’ve observed the very first two epsiodes (also to watch them prior to this one is recommended) there is hardly a reason to waste any more time and keep this sequence form being wathce dnay longer. Today Katie is looking for a roomie however fo rthe obviosu reasons the most of the conetendants are large, muscled, not-very-smart-but-definitely-very-horny men but it appears our leading lady ha sno ineterst in some of them… until she puts her eye on hot looking chick named Brandie who has the best likelihood of becoming Katie’s fresh roomie but telling you longer will imply too much of a spoilers. Play now »

Halloween Striptease

So, this interactive game with components of logic and journey sends the most person on a journey that occurred on Allhallows Eve. Also, on the spooky night that preceded Allhallows Eve, the most person, who is in business, walked into the evening. you are very tired However, it’s a weekday night so there’s time to own some fun. You’re bored and choose to sit down and watch TV. Then your cell phone is ringing. Your ally would like to know if belong to an organization. It appears that the club is getting ready to begin an unpublic sex event. If you take a taxi, you’ll arrive at the club in only 14 minutes. It’s already hot and enjoyable. A gorgeous, attractive and voluminous woman could be a great candidate for slutty striptease. Pay her around a hundred dollars. A woman flies her bandeau and dances in a topless fashion. She shook huge watermelon. you’ve got enough cash in your pocket to pay the price for the evening with this gorgeous hottie. Invite her to your place. What happens next? You’ve got to seek out out the answers for yourself. Play now »